3DSThem.es Complete Archive

A (mostly complete) archive of 3dsthem.es, albeit with a small number of new themes missing (we will try to keep these updated). Link to individual files is available here.

Resilio Sync

Want to be in sync with this website as new themes are added? Use these Resilio Sync links!

In addition, if this server were to ever go down for some reason, the last set of files will continue to sync as long as there's at least one person with the folder added to Resilio Sync!


The complete archive can be downloaded with the following torrents:

These torrents will be updated weekly if new themes, badges, or splashes get added.

If you happen to have a torrent that is older than what you see here, feel free to download the new one and point it to the same download folder, your torrent client will verify existing data and only download what has changed.

What's here

Browsable themes (WITH QR CODE SUPPORT), badges, and splashes.

And the best part is — No captchas, cool QR codes, and no drama.